The goal of Zen landscape planning is; conservation and management of natural resources to leave a more habitable world to the future generations. In plans to be made; ecological data analysis with  socio- cultural profile should also be take into account and in all processes we produces plans as a result of collaborations with other professionals.

Zen Landscape operates in the identification and planning of protected areas, taking into account the EU directive and its recommendations and adopting new approaches in the light of scientific practices in global measure and reflecting on the work done. 

Zen Landscape acts in the light of social-economic, physical and ecological data in the planning of urban-open green areas with the conscious of creating habitable, sustainable and quality urban areas taking into consideration the wishes of the city people 

Zen Landscape, types of urban open-green spaces and their contents, forms of action and area sizes in green spaces are arranged according to five basic effects.

These are;

  • Population multiplicity of green areas to serve,
  • Placement properties,
  • Topographical structure, natural features of cities such as soil structure and vegetation cover,
  •  Climate conditions

Considering these factors, it offers projects for the design, creation, development and conservation of ecological corridors that give the green areas in the city the chance to live in delicate plant and animal populations.

Zen Landscape is the level to make the green belt, urban forest and green areas in the city and its vicinity.