Maintenance and Consulting

Maintenance and Consulting

In all projects we develop as Zen landscaping, maintenance and consultancy services are provided free of charge for the first month. The desired image can be captured in applications only with regular maintenance and experienced staff. 

Depending on the specific periods, the changes in the garden are followed up, the necessary arrangements are made and a more vivid environment is prepared. Maintenance is also done inside as well as outside.

In addition, only consultancy services are provided if requested. 

Our company provides some consultancy and maintenance services under the following headings: 

  • Regular and sufficient seasonal fertilizer and nutrient supplementation
  •  Drug treatment in necessary situations Regular soil pH, salt and mineral control and balancing
  •  Pruning of trees and shrubs for maintenance or form, 
  • Making necessary dilutions in areas where tightness is observed 
  • Wind, landslide, etc. Bringing the plants damaged by external factors to their old locations 
  • Replacement of plants with deterioration 
  • Mowing of grass at regular intervals 
  • Prevention of strangulation of weeds in grasses, continuous weed control Fertilizing, spraying, aerating and rolling of grass 
  • Plant sculptures, Shaping Medication against diseases and harmful 
  • Repairing damaged places and converting them to original shape 
  • The garbage etc. debris removal 

Every garden wants care!