In recent years, residential areas have resulted in a rapid departure from the natural environment, due to the erroneous green space planning of cities as well as rapid and intense urbanization.

Thus, the importance of green spaces in cities has increased day by day. However, the planning, the establishment, the protection and the management of the open-green areas in the residential areas have gained great importance today.

Zen Landscape, the need for green space in urban areas; (Antique City, Nature Parks, Green Belts, Urban Forests, Coastal Areas, and Ecological Data Planned Plans) of the natural areas with larger scale city parks than the smallest unit house gardens.

Zen Landscape uses the living and non-living materials in the design of the space, especially producing the fourth dimension, accepting the time as an integral part of artistic aesthetics and producing the projects with the closest alternatives.

Physical conditions that provide ecological balance in our plans: the living and non-living materials used in the space created; Color, texture, measure and shape relationships using the relationship provides a sense of aesthetic saturation.

Another source of inspiration that makes up the Zen Landscape perspective is far-eastern culture. The garden has a unique character. This character is love of nature. When the garden is being constructed, it is arranged to inspire and symbolize the immediate surroundings. Zen philosophy; In Buddhism, nature is becoming a belief in people's spiritual life. It is ensured that people worship nature through art (especially painting and sculpture). From this point of view, the projects that we plan to do will have their appearance reduced to small dimensions such as artificial peaks symbolizing the mountains, artificial lakes or ornamental pools symbolizing the seas and lakes, artificial arcs symbolizing the rivers, open-green areas symbolizing flat areas and vegetal applications form the closest areas.

Our company has also adopted new approaches in exterior and interior design by taking advantage of modern art branches. Landscape plans and designs are not just vegetative applications. They are aware of the necessity of working with different structural tissues in order to reveal richer projects. In our plans and designs: Taking into consideration the wishes of the project owner; Sculpture, painting and some modern arts. In addition, our projects benefit from socio-psychological analyzes that will help determine the personal aspirations and needs of the people who will live in the design stage.

Zen Landscape has been serving since 2005.

Zen Landscape, a new look for those who live in nature and want to live with nature. ...

Kuzey ZENGİN / Master Landscape Architecture